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Title: World of Drogan - 7
Author: Nbsiren
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: none

Our conversation stopped as we noticed we were approaching Thunder Valley. The sky ahead was so dark it was almost
completely black. Enormous thunder clouds filled the entire sky over Thunder Valley. We heard the thunder and saw bolts of lightning strike the valley floor below. "Aeris, we won't be able to fly through that, I'll have to land." Shouted Wildfire over the increasing noise of the thunder. I nod my head in understanding, then crouched down to avoid most of the strong winds. We notice the entrance to the valley is through a small cave passageway. Standing at the end of the passageway is a figure in a black cloak. As we approach the figure turns and I gasp at what is before us. "Navi no like this!" "I think Aeris and I agree with you Navi," replies Andros. "It must be Ail's doing, he'd be the one to think of something like this," I say. The figure was that of a skeleton, and as we finished talking it ran out into the valley.
As we approach the end of the passageway, a shrieking voice can be heard over the thunder. "Haha! New victims are
entering the valley. I hope you enjoy games, I simply die for them, muhahaha! All you have to do is reach each cave point without getting struck by lightning. There are five cave points, after which is the hardest part of the valley to go through before you reach the end. Reach the end and you'll be able to exit Thunder Valley, but get hit by lightning and you'll be apart of the valley forever, as a nice black rock! To be placed wherever in the valley I want. Have fun!"
Looking out we could see the first cave point in the distance when lightning flashed and lit up the valley.
I look at Navi and say, "Navi, ride in my pouch so we don't lose you as we're dashing across the valley." "Navi thinks that is good idea." With that said she zipped to my pouch at my waist and went inside when I opened it. Andros takes my hand and says, "We are staying together." I nodded my head, and we raced out of the cave.
[Several Hours Later]
Breathing hard from our mad dash to the cave point, we both collapse in exhaustion. "One...more run...to make and
we'll...be out of this...valley." Andros says in between breaths. After he had caught his breath he noticed that Aeris hadn't replied. "Aeris, what's wrong?" "I'm not sure. I feel as if there's a sage nearby." "What could be wrong with that?" "I feel as if something has happened to the sage." "Do you think the sage died in the dark crystal process? Like Simon did?" "No, the sage is still alive, and yet, not alive. I don't know, this feeling is confusing." "Aeris, we'll find the sage, see what has happened, and make any decisions then." "Alright." Just then a voice starts to screech out over the noise of the thunder. "Very lucky you are to have survived till now. But even your luck is running out, Ail will be here soon, so you won't have to worry about making it to the exit. Hahahaha!!" With that said he disappears from sight. "Andros?" "What is it Aeris?" "That feeling I had before, the one about the sage. I...I know where the sage is." "That's great! We'll be able to..." His voice trails off as he notices the look on Aeris' face. "What's wrong Aeris? What's wrong with the sage?" "That thing we saw before, that cloaked skeleton, that's the sage?" "What! How can that be!? No sage would ever help Ail, that's why he imprisoned them in black crystals." "I know, but remember back at Thieves Highway when Kirkis had said that the sage Simon didn't survive the dark crystal process?" "Yes, I remember you telling me about it." "It wasn't until now that I've realized what he ment about 'process'." "Aeris, I'm not following you, just what are you saying?" "Ail didn't mean for the sages to be just imprisoned in the crystals, but to have them changed while trapped in the crystal into a...a...a minion, for lack of a better word. Someone he could control and use to guard the very areas they used to protect as sages." Andros didn't know what to say, shocked at the depth of evil Ail was capable of. Finally finding his voice, Andros asks, "Can you change the sage back?" "I don't know, I just don't know."

Drifting on the breeze in a sea of clouds, I searched for the ones I had met before, the ones who call themselves
my guardians. I see the valley floor below and then I see a heavy thick mist roll across the ground. Suddenly I'm on the ground, the mist all around, and a voice calls out, "Why have you come here?" "I need help. How can I change the sage of Thunder Valley back to the way he was? What do I need to do?" "We know nothing of the process ourselves, so we have no advice to give." "Is there anyone, anyone at all that can help us?" Another guardian replies with, "There was one person, who might have been able to help, but that person is no longer alive." "There has to be a way to help the sage! I can't accept that nothing can be done! We - we all have come so far, to give up now, we...we just can't give up. There MUST be a way, there HAS to be a way to help the sage. Another guardian steps forward, "While it's true that the only person that might have been able to help you has long since been gone from this world, his journal might give you a clue about how to solve this problem. "With hope in my voice I say, "Yes it might. Where can I find the journal?" "The journal was written by a sage that had once guarded Thunder Valley. All you have to do is find the door leading to the sage's chamber in the valley. Be warned though, that the creature that the sage has become will not be pleased that you have invaded it's inner sanctum."
Opening my eyes, I see both Andros and Navi watching the area outside the cave. Andros turns and notices that I've
finished meditating. "Were they able to help?" "Yes, we need to look for a door that leads to the sage's chamber. They said that a sage that once lived and guarded this area might have left a clue in his journal." "Navi know where door is. Navi can see door from here. But opening door is problem." "What do you mean Navi?" "Need item to open door." "Andros, Navi, Ail is almost here." "Aeris, Navi can you hear that?" Looking at Andros, then at Navi, I look back at Andros, Navi and I both say, "Hear what?" Andros takes hold of my hand and I could hear someone whispering Andros' name. "Andros...Andros...You have the key to open the first door." Standing, I noticed that Andros is as confused as I am. Andros turns and looks out at the area where Navi had pointed out the door. He says, "I think a clue as to what the item is will be shown once we reach the door." I reply, "Ok, Navi, I guess you get to ride in my pouch for a little longer." With a zip she disappears into the pouch. Andros takes my hand, gives me a quick kiss, and then we race out of the cave towards the door.

Reaching the door, we were lucky it was under an overhang, for the lightning was even more ferocious. We were able
to see drawings on the door when the lightning flashed and everything was lit up. Andros points to a section of the door that had objects and people on it. A person was holding their object against the door. "Of course! I know what it is!" Andros says. "What is the object?" I ask, and he replies, "It's the armband that Rydia gave to me." With that said he removes the armband from his arm and holds it against the door. We hold our breath as the door slides open. A screeching noise from behind had us whirling around, only to see the cloaked skeleton. "No, no, I will not allow you to go there. Looks like I won't have to wait for Ail, I get to deal with you myself." Suddenly Andros pushes me through the open door, hits a piece of rock next to the door and whirls back around to hold off the skeleton. Getting up I race to the closing door, but Andros wouldn't let me pass. "Andros what are you doing? Let me pass, so I can help." "No Aeris, find what you need down there." The door closed all the way. I banged on the door and shouted, "Andros! No! Let me out of here to help you! Andros! Andros!" Getting no reply, I reach out with my mind and I hear Andros yell, "Get moving Aeris! There's no time to argue this! Ail's almost here and I'm not about to let him corner you in there. So let me keep this guy busy while you search for what we need to help him!" "Alright. Just...stay safe." Breaking the link I turn and race through a doorway and down the stairs.
Reaching the bottom, I place my hand against another door, but it did not open. Navi flies out of my pouch and says,
"Navi's turn to open door. Navi has ring Yaniff gave." As soon as Navi touched the door it opened. We went inside and towards the back of the sanctuary we saw bookshelves full of books. The pendant Darien had given me started to glow, and from across the room a book on one of the shelves started to glow. "There! That must be the book!" Racing across to the bookshelf, I remove the book and it opens. "It's blank! There's nothing written at all!" "Navi not see anything either." Turning I notice the skeleton standing in the middle of the sanctuary. "Hehe. All this for a blank book? Your friend is now a guest of Lord Ail, soon you will join him." A shock wave knocked me backwards against the bookshelf. Another wave had me against the wall. A blast spell knocked me unconscious from the pain. "Now Ail has you as well."

"My lord, the captives have been secured." "Excellent, notify me when she wakes up." "Yes, my lord." The servant turns
and leaves the room.
"Aeris! Come on Aeris! Wake up!" "Ugh, that hurt." "Aeris!" Opening my eyes I see Andros and Navi. We were captive in
separate clear tubes. "What are these?" "We don't know, but magic has no effect on it." The door to the room we were in opens and I sensed the evil before Ail even entered the room. "Ah, I'm graced with your presence once again niece." "Let us go Ail." "But I've gone through so much trouble with the preparations for your stay with me that I can't see you ever leaving." "Then at least let my friends go." "Do you really think I'll have your stay be lonely? Your friends will keep you company." "No, you will let them go, or I'll destroy this ship." "Ha! Magic has no effect in that cage you're in." "But you know as well as I do that I'm different, don't you Ail. It may take some effort to get past this cage, but I can and will destroy this ship unless my friends are free to go." "You're bluffing." Turning my focus inward, I gathered strength and energy and used it against my cage. I increased my effort until a crack appeared on the cage. "Enough! You've improved so much since our last meeting. Your friends shall be free to go after I have your word that you will stay." "I will only give my word if I have your word that my friends will not be harmed by either you or any of your minions directly or indirectly at any time. If they are I will be free to leave." "You are very shrewd. Very well I give my word your friends will not be harmed by me or my servants at anytime or you will be free to go." "Aeris! Don't do it Aeris!" "Then I give my word. I'd like a few moments with my friends before I send them away." "As you wish, when you finish, take your time to explore the ship." As Ail leaves the room, the cages lift. Andros walks over and asks, "Why Aeris? Why did you give your word to Ail that you'll stay?" "Navi no likes this either." "I did what I had to do to protect both of you. Yes I would have been able to destroy this ship, but I don't know if I would have been able to break both of your cages to teleport you both out of here in time. This was the only way I could be sure you both will be ok. Andros here take this." "What is it?" "It's the book from Thunder Valley. I think there's a spell on the book to make the writing inside invisible. You'll have to find someone that can undo the spell." Andros reaches out and raises my face and sees the tears running down my face. "Aeris..." "Please, don't make this any more difficult. You'll be able to free the sages after you find out how from the book." Lifting my hand I teleport them out and away from Ail's ship. Closing my eyes, I reach out with my mind, "Andros, Navi, I've teleported you back to Thieves Highway. I think Kyle will be able to help in order to break the spell on the book. I...Stay safe, both of you."

"Navi really no like this." "I really don't like it either Navi, but for now let's do as Aeris asked and find out how
to despell this book." A quiet, deep mist suddenly surrounds Andros and Navi. When it cleared just as suddenly, Wildfire says, "Navi hold on, I'm going to fly overhead to see if I can recognize anything." "Navi agree. Cover more ground with you flying we can." Lifting off the ground, they clear the trees. "Navi know where this is! Wildfire and Aeris find Navi here! Thieves Highway this is!" We were sent all they way back here? Well since we're here, we might as well ask Kyle if he can help find someone to despell the book." Taking off in the direction of the camp, they disappear into the clouds.
Walking out the door, I walk down the corridor until I come to the end and a door.
The door opens as I approach and I enter the room and notice a circular platform in the center of the room. "Well there's nothing else down here, might as well explore the ship." Stepping onto the platform, a panel appears and a screen pops up with the words 'input floor' on it. On the panel were numbers. There were 6 levels on the ship and I was on the 6th. I pushed the button for the 5th floor. I walk out of the room when the platform stops and find myself in another corridor with quite a few doors. A moment later a scream filled the corridor and I felt a sensation of someone in pain. I run down the hall until I come to a door where the sensation of someone in pain was emanating from. The door opens as I step closer. I can see someone in chains and a person beside the one in chains. The person in chains was kneeling on the floor and was chained to the wall. The one standing turned and yelled, "Who are you and what are you doing here!? Noone is permitted down here when prisoners are being questioned!" "Questioned? What you're doing is torture, and since I can't stand bullies, it looks like your fun is over." "What! How dare you! Lord Ail will deal with you immediately." "Ha! This is ironic, Ail was, I guess you could say generous, he told me I could explore the ship." "Lord Ail would never give permission to someone to explore the ship, so you're lying." "It doesn't matter what you think, but I'm not going to let you torture anyone else. EVER." Lifting my hand I teleport him away before he could even take a step. Walking over to the person in chains, I realize that she was unconscious due to whatever method of torture had been used. I place my hand on her shoulder, and sent a gentle healing energy to her.

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