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Title: World of Drogan - 6
Author: Nbsiren
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: none

Watching the floating city pass by was daunting. Neither Andros or I could think of a way to reach the city.
"Navi, do you have an idea about how we could get up there?" I ask the small fairy. Navi appears and replies, "Navi don't know either." A sharp gleam from the corner of my eye catches my attention. Looking closer I notice an old marble pillar that has fallen across the mouth of a cave. "Andros! Navi! There's a cave here!" Reaching the pillar, Andros studies some faded indentations on the pillar. "A transmission point! We can use this to reach Monster City!" "Transmission point? What's that?" "A transmission point can be used to teleport to a distant point in a matter of moments. I thought they were all destroyed near the end of the Dragon War. This one must have been overlooked due to the shape the outside here is in." "We can't just teleport up there without knowing what we'll be going into. I know! Navi, can you fly up there and see if you can at least get a layout of the city?" "Sure Navi do! Navi back soon!" Navi took off towards Monster City. "Andros, let's get out of sight." No sooner had we entered the cave than a dark shadow moved across the land. Looking out we see a huge ship sliding through the sky. The ship soon docked with Monster City. A strange sensation enveloped me as I watched the ship. "What's wrong Aeris?" Bowing my head and closing my eyes, I whisper, "Something very evil is on that ship, and 'it' can sense me. Whatever 'it' is, it knows I'm nearby."
This vision came slowly. Black wood, air with the coldness of an evil presence, and empty
black armor lined up on what I realized was the deck of the ship above us. Watching the scene unfold, the empty armor lined up on the deck moved! A door opened at the end of where the armor line ended. Black smoke soon engulfed the deck and only a bright red glow of what could only be eyes could be seen through the black smoke. Suffocating from the intense evil feeling emanating from the one in the doorway, was enough to bring me out of the vision. Turning, I see Andros coming out of the same vision.
"Ail, it can only be Ail. I guess Ail doesn't want us to free anymore of the sages, if he's come here himself."
"Aeris..." "I won't let him stop us though. We've come too far and been through too much to give up now. Yet...there was something...a feeling...I don't know...a feeling of something I don't know how to describe." Wrapping his arms around me, Andros says, "Navi is coming, lets hear her out on what's going on up there, before we decide anything." Leaning back, we wait for Navi.
"Strange city. No people, just statues." "Statues?" "Black statues, ugly looking." "That must be the black
armor we saw in the vision." "Teleport room empty. Evil one go to tall tower. Sage in center of city. Only statues guard way to sage." "They must think we have no way up to the city. Unless they're leading us into a trap." "We don't have any other way to get to the city. We'll have to take the transmission point up to the city, and then figure out a way to the sage. We won't know what Ail is up to until he makes his move, so we'll have to be on guard for any ugly surprises." Walking to the transmission point, Andros and I hold hands, and walk onto the markings of the point. With a flash of light, we disappear, only to re-appear in the transmission room in Monster City.
That intense feeling of evil surrounded us once again, and a strange, jumbled vision came. Dragons, so many dragons
and they were fighting. Dragons breathing fire, others in mid-air battles, magic explosions and warrior shouts filled the air. Above the noise of the chaos, I could hear a voice, a soft voice. "Darkness from the past and light from the future shall meet and should their powers meet, destruction shall result. Child of light, hear my voice, now is not the time to face Ail. If you two confront each other here, the city will be destroyed." The voice fades and the vision ends. "Aeris? Are you alright?" Looking up at Andros, I realize I was on the floor. "I'm fine, the vision was a little intense though." "We can follow Navi to the center of the city. She'll be able to show us the shortest route to the sage." Looking at both of them, I nod and say, "Let's go."
Glancing around the last corner, we could see the dark crystal that held the sage captive. We had encountered no monsters
on the way to the center of the city, and that made us wary. "It was too easy. No fights, no monsters lurking around, nothing. We know that Ail is here, and yet they've made no move to stop us from reaching the sage." Suddenly a voice calls out, "I knew if I waited, you would find your way here. The time has come for this little rebellion to end. You might as well come out, the "statues" will not let you go very far." Looking around at the "statues", we notice that they were moving to block any path we might take to escape. I whisper something to Navi, hand her something, and in a blink of light, she disappeared from sight. Looking over at Andros, I could see his anger at getting caught in Ail's trap. I also saw him acknowledge to himself that this wasn't the time to start a fight. Turning we both turned the corner to see Ail standing near the captive sage. Even for a dragon he was huge, the dark crystal nearby would be but a jewel on one of his claws, he was so huge. "Excellent, I hate to be kept waiting. I hate the incompetence those minions I've sent have shown. But I digress, I will have no more rebellion, no more sages will be revived, my power will remain absolute. I will take Aeris with me, now." "Andros...stop." I say to Andros. "Now is not the time to fight Ail. If we were to fight here, this city will be destroyed. We've done so much and it would be foolish to fight a battle where we'll lose too much. Protect Navi for me, please?" "Aeris! You can't mean to go with Ail! Wha-." "Andros, don't worry, everything will be fine." "Aeris..." Placing a finger against his lips to stop the rest of his words, I whisper, "Trust me." Removing my finger, I brush my lips against his, and in a flash of light Andros disappeared. "You have so many weaknesses it's pathetic." "Then why are you so worried Ail?"
"Aeris! Aeris!!" "Navi sure Aeris fine. Navi go to city now. Free sage." "Navi, what do you mean?" "Aeris give Navi
something to free sage. Only to use after they gone from city." "Oh Aeris..." Using the transmission point to re-enter the city, Andros and Navi reach the center and Navi, using the small globe, flew to the dark crystal to free the sage. Soon the dark crystal was gone, the sage set free.
"I hope you're not too...uncomfortable." "Like you care about what anyone feels." "Come now Aeris, I care very much,
especially for you, niece." "Wha - NO! I'm not going to fall for your lies!" "Really, I don't blame your parents for not telling you such a detail, after all you were but a child when they died. It would have been such a heavy burden for a child to bear." "You're insane! You had my parents murdered!" "It wouldn't have happened if they had just given you up! That was all they had to do! Nothing would have happened to them had they just done as they were told." "LIAR!! I don't believe you!" "Well, it doesn't matter now. You're here with me now, and you won't leave this room. When we reach my castle, I'm sure you'll like the rooms I've prepared for you." "Like I would stay here or in your castle." "I believe you don't have a choice." The view shifted and I could see Andros trapped inside a dark crystal. "NO! Andros!" "I can see you finally understand my point of view." That said the projected image faded and I was alone in the room that was to be my prison.
My arms wrapped around my legs, my face buried in my knees, I barely heard Navi when she yelled, "Aeris!! Come on
Aeris! You can't give up!" Lifting my face, I whisper, "Oh Navi, I know I can't give up, but I can't let Ail kill Andros. He had my parents murdered, and to lose someone else to Ail..." My voice trails off. "With your power it should be easy." Navi says. "Navi, I can't fight Ail right now, if we fight, all that would happen is destruction. My 'power' needs to develop more fully before I can fight Ail, but you've just given me an idea on how to get us all out of here."
"Go." With that whispered word, Navi flew through a grate in the floor, and I began a deep meditation. In my mind’s eye,
I could see Navi as she exited out another grate in the room where Andros was being kept. A tiny ball of light fell from Navi to the black crystal that imprisoned Andros. With a flash he was free. I came out of my meditation, focused my power and teleported us back to Monster City. When we appeared in Monster City, we were greeted by Mia. "Thank you for setting me free. Please come this way."
We entered the large home in the center of the city, and were led into a large reception room. Mia turns and says,
"I can’t thank you enough for freeing me. All I can do is help you reach the next sage." I reply with, "Mia, you don’t have to thank us, though I think we better reach the next sage as soon as possible. Ail won’t waste any time, now that we’ve escaped." Mia nods and goes on, "The next sage is Phacia. She is somewhere in the Desert Wasteland. The Desert Wasteland is the only thing that connects this part of the land to the other. Phacia will be able to give you more information about the other sages. I can teleport you as far as the edge of the Desert." "Thank you, I think the faster we get there the less trouble we’ll have." With a nod and a smile from Mia, we are teleported away from the now revived Mystic City to the edge of a vast Wasteland.

"See anything yet Wildfire?" "Not a sign of anything." He replies back. "Navi say why not use crystal?" "Of course!
Thanks Navi!" "Welcome!" "Crystal, please, show us the way to Phacia. Guide us to where she is captive in the black crystal. Crystal show us the way!" Glowing bright, the crystal shot a path of light out in the distance. "Wildfire!" "On my way there now Aeris!" Spotting what looked like a platform floating in air, Wildfire slows to land nearby. Gazing up at the platform, we see the black crystal we were looking for. "Navi sense trap." "I think we all sense it Navi." Wildfire says. "There’s a barrier around the crystal. Those big boulders at the edges of the platform must be the source, but I won’t be able to break them myself. I’m going to need your help Wildfire." "What do you need Aeris?" "The barrier is made from some very dark magic, if we can create the Solar Shield around the outside of the dark barrier they’ll cancel each other out. I’ll need you to be on one side of the barrier, and I’ll be on the other." "Alright." "Navi, we’ll need you to get this over to the crystal. We won’t be able to touch the platform." "Navi can do!" Racing around to the other side of the platform, I stand opposite to Wildfire, and both of us focusing our power shout - "Solar Shield!" The shield surrounded the dark barrier and with a quick bright flash of light, both were gone. Navi quickly flew over to the crystal to free Phacia. "Thank you for setting me free. Though I know you must hurry to leave here before Ail comes." "Will you be alright Phacia?" "Yes, I will be fine. I know of 3 other sages that are in the land after this desert. Darien in what is now Charcoal City, Yaniff in Illusion Village, and Rydia in Monster Village. The only problem is that if you take a path to one sage, Ail will most certainly do something to one of the sages. The only way is for each of you to set all 3 sages free at the same time." "Wildfire, Navi, are both of you ok with this?" I ask them. Both of them nod, and we turn to Phacia. "Good luck to you all!" With that she uses her magic to send us to the paths that will lead to the sages.


We appeared in a clearing that had 3 paths, each leading to a sage. There was a signpost, each sign pointing
to where each path led. "Navi go to Illusion Village. Navi free Yaniff." "Be careful Navi." I gave Navi a little ball of power with which she could free the sage. Andros says, "I’ll take the path to Monster Village." "Andros, I..." Placing a finger on my lips, he says, "I know." A moment that seemed like forever passed, then I gave him a little ball of power to free the sage. Navi and Andros started down the paths they had chosen, and I started on the path to Charcoal City. My conversation with Ail went through my mind. "Come now Aeris, I care very much, especially for you, niece." "Wha - NO! I’m not going to fall for your lies!" "Really, I don’t blame your parents for not telling you such a detail, after all you were but a child when they died. It would have been such a heavy burden for a child to bear." "You’re insane! You had my parents murdered!" "It wouldn’t have happened if they had just given you up! That was all they had to do! Nothing would have happened to them had they just done as they were told." "LIAR!! I don’t believe you!" {I can’t believe, I don’t believe it. Ail was lying, we could never be related. Both my parents were human, and yet... What do I really know about their pasts? I only know them through what others have told me about them.}
I suddenly notice that night had fallen, and I decided to stop to rest. I picked a spot off the path that had a couple
trees and bushes that would hide me from anyone else traveling on the path. "Magic really comes in handy at times like this." I said with a laugh. A few blankets, a pillow, and other supplies materialized on the ground. An image of Andros and Navi came to mind. Both of them had also stopped for the night, and with a little smile, I sent them both supplies. "Aeris! Navi thank you! Navi sleep real well tonight!" "Your welcome Navi." "Aeris?" "Yes Andros?" "Would you play something on your flute?" "Alright." [Flute Music 2 COMING SOON] "Goodnight Aeris." "Goodnight Andros."
Bright sunshine filled a flower filled valley. Sunshine bounced off the sides of the peaceful valley. "Aeris."
Turning at the sound of the familiar voice, I see 4 people standing nearby. "Who are you?" I ask. "We are your sworn guardians. We have taken an oath to protect you when needed." "You are the ones that I met when I was poisoned." I said. "Yes, we are." "Please, tell me…was Ail lying? Was he lying when he called me his niece?" "No, he was not lying." "What! How, how can this be!? My parents were humans! Ail is a dragon! How can I - How can Ail...be...my uncle?" "Your mother had the blood of a human and a dragon. Your mother’s father was a white dragon. The ability to transform into a dragon was a dormant ability within her, in time it would have revealed itself. Her mother was a sorceress, whom your mother took after. She married your father, who was a warrior. Ages ago, warriors and dragons took a blood oath for a common purpose. So in essence, warriors and dragons share a blood bond. Your mother was unique that she had the blood of a human and a dragon. You are more so, due to having the blood of all three." Another guardian began speaking, "Ail was not always a black dragon, he was once a blue dragon. His father was a white dragon and his mother a blue dragon. Your mother and Ail share the same father." The third guardian started speaking, "You also have the ability to transform into a dragon, and soon this ability will reveal itself to you." I ask, "How can this be? I thought that the only dragon with this power was the one whose destiny it is to be the leader of the dragons! How can two people have this ability?" The fourth guardian spoke, "Andros will be the one to tell you of this. Ail became the black dragon he is today when he devoted himself to the black arts and the evil deeds he enjoys. Each step you take in this quest helps you and your friends to understand more and more of your and their own abilities. Your greatest challenge you have yet to face." That said the guardians faded away and I was alone again in the beautiful valley.
The next morning was overcast; clouds were dark and heavy in the sky. A storm was not far off, but I knew I could make it
to the outskirts of Charcoal City before it started, so I rushed down the path towards the city.
Andros was not far from Monster Village when lightning started streaking across the sky. Thunder rumbled and
more lightning flashed in the sky.
Navi flew into the first home she came to at the outskirts of Illusion Village, just as the downpour of rain started.
Gulping in air after running into an opening of one of the many charcoal like structures that was part of
Charcoal City, I look at the storm raging outside. "Whew, barely made it before the rain started." Backing further into the structure, my foot hits an old stick, which I pick up and light with a simple word. Raising the stick to cast the light around the shadows, I notice a doorway with stairs on one wall. "Well, I can’t go out in this storm, so I might as well explore where this goes."
Andros walked down the stairs he had found in the abandoned hut he had taken refuge in. "These stairs have to lead
somewhere. I wonder why someone would build such a long stairway?"
Navi was flying down the stairs she had found. "Navi close! Sage nearby, Navi lucky!"
Finally reaching a door at the end of a seemingly endless stairway, I reach out and open the door.
Andros closed his eyes as light flashed. When he opened his eyes he was in a circular room with four dark crystals,
each crystal in a 'corner' of the room.
Navi flew around to each crystal in the room she was in. "Navi confused. Navi not able to tell which one holds sage."
A voice spoke, "You must choose, choose the crystal in which the sage is held and the sage will be freed. Choose the
wrong crystal and the rest will shatter and the sage will be no more."
Looking around at the crystals, I close my eyes and focus on each crystal, and called forth my power.
Andros also focused on the crystals, called forth the power within him, the power of a dragon.
Navi called forth the power within her, the power of a fairy.
A chain reaction started, flashes of light, quakes, thunder, and violent winds. Each of us turned and started
running up the stairs each of had come down. We jumped to clear the doorway at the top of the stairs before it was sealed off, and everything became still and silent.
Waking up, I noticed that Andros and Navi were here with me. "Andros...Navi...how did they get here? They
went to free the other two sages, how can they be here?" Looking around, I notice we were in a strange room. The floor had strange symbols on it and the walls glowed with a strange light. There was also a platform in the center of the room. Andros and Navi started waking up, "Andros...Navi are you both alright?" "Aeris, what are you doing here?" They both say, and then they notice each other. "There’s no door, so I think we’re supposed to get on the platform." I say to them as they got up. After all of us were on the platform, there was a flash of light and we were in another room entirely.
"Well done Navi, well done. I am Yaniff, sage of Unseen Village. I am glad that Navi has been able to help you Aeris."
"Wha-?" "I foresaw many things that would happen after I became a prisoner of the black crystal, so I asked Navi to await you in Bandit’s Pass. This village is home to many species that cannot be seen to outsiders." "So that’s why Navi came this way, this is her home. Oh Navi, I’m glad your home is safe now." "Navi happy to help." Andros asks, "What about the other two sages? Are they safe also?" "Yes they are safe, you’ll be meeting them soon. Navi, I have a gift for you." Yaniff hands Navi an item and whispers something to her. "Now take the platform behind you to meet the next sage." "Navi thanks you for gift!" Andros and I say our thanks and goodbye to Yaniff and we step onto the platform to meet the next sage.
"Well done Andros, lord of dragons. I am Rydia, sage for the Village Of Summons. I have a gift for you Andros." She hands
Andros an item and whispers something to him. "Though I wish you could stay longer, you have just enough time to meet the next sage, before Ail arrives. Take the platform behind you and you’ll meet the next sage." "Thank you for the gift." Andros says. Once again we step onto the platform to meet the next sage.
"Well done Aeris. I am Darien, sage of Crystal City. I have a gift for you Aeris." He hands me a pendant and whispers,
"This was left here by a sage long past. He wrote that it was to be given to the one that would light our darkest hour. Though what it does is a mystery." "Thank you for the gift." "The next sage to set free is Mihael of Thunder Valley. Take the platform behind you and it will take you to the edge of the valley." With a flash of light we were gone and our quest continues.


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