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Title: World of Drogan - 5
Author: Nbsiren
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: none


Enjoying the sunshine is such a little pleasure, sometimes though, it's the little pleasures that
can help us get through the day. Raising my face to enjoy the sunshine, I miss the look that Wildfire gives me. Contented, I bring out my flute to play some music. As the last note fades away, I open my eyes to see jagged cliffs in the distance. What catches my eye though is the road from one side of the cliffs to the other. "Wildfire, do you think that is Thieves Highway?" "I don't know, we haven't seen any other roads for awhile. It looks like a perfect road for thieves, they probably have people on both sides to surround whoever tries to travel over this road. The people they trap would have no place to run." Landing nearby we survey the area. "Well, since I doubt they'll come out if we fly over, I'll have to walk over." "No." "Wildfire..." "No, Aeris. We did that before at Vine Valley and you almost died." "Wildfire." "No." "Wildfire." "NO!" "Fine, we'll just have to think of another way to do this." As soon as I finished saying that, I felt we were being watched. "Wildfire, do you feel that?" "Yes. I think they got tired of waiting for their next victim." Soon we felt that we were surrounded by the ones that were watching us. Unexpectedly something came hurtling towards Wildfire, and he barely dodged out of the way when another was tossed at him, wrapped around him and held fast. "Wildfire! Hold still, the more you struggle, the tighter it will hold!" "Well, well, what do we have here?" A nearby voice says. "Looks like the dragon that was protecting the girl can't do anything now." Another voice says. They came out of hiding as soon as they were sure Wildfire was held fast. "What makes you so sure he's protecting me?" I ask. "Even I have heard the tales of the old dragons, red is a warrior dragon. That would mean he'd do the fighting." One of them said. Not even wanting to argue that point, I point to the binds holding Wildfire and say, "Razor Cut!" Soon the binds fell away and Wildfire was free. Turning around I notice the two take off. Wildfire started to go after them when I said, "No Wildfire, they'll lead us right to their hideout." Following them was easy, with Wildfire in the air and I on the trail behind them, in their haste they left a trail that was simple to follow. A sudden blast though made us realize that it was too easy. Once again bound and with his wings trapped, Wildfire couldn't fly. "WILDFIRE!!" I screamed as he fell into a deep ravine. Racing over to the edge of the ravine, all I could see is the mist that filled the ravine. "WILDFIRE! WHERE ARE YOU!? WILDFIRE!" is all I could scream. Whirling around at the sound of laughter, I was not able to dodge out of the way in time. I was only able to whisper "Wildfire" before I blacked out.

Waking with a start, I look around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Realizing that I was tied to a
post in what appeared to be a vacant room. Remembering, I close my eyes and whisper, "Wildfire."
The vision came slowly and was hazy. I could see Wildfire lying on a ledge. My only guess
was that the ledge broke his fall, but how far down he was I didn't know. I could feel his pain, and through our bond I sent some healing energy out to heal some of the more serious injuries. I broke the connection when someone walked into the room. Opening my eyes, I see a man smirking at me. "Who are you?" the man asks. Shaking my head at the sense of dejavu, I reply, "Why do you care?" I turn my head to stare at the wall. The blow that came was not unexpected. "One last time, who are you?" Sighing, I say, "Aeris." "So Lord Ail was right. You did come to free the sage, did you not?" "Yes." "Well you can forget it. The sage is dead." My head snapped up and I asked, "What do you mean he's dead?!" "He didn't survive the dark crystal process. It doesn't matter now if you free the other sages, with one gone, Lord Ail cannot be stopped." He turned to leave the room, when I say, "I'm not going to stop." He stopped and turned and asked, "What do you mean?" "I'm going to free the rest of the sages, and I'll find a way to stop Ail." "Ha! Lord Ail cannot be stopped!" "I'll find a way to stop him. I can't abandon my quest with the other sages still captive. I can't give up, not with the hopes of all the people counting on Wildfire and I. I just can't give up." An image of Wildfire lying on the ledge comes to mind and my eyes close. A scream is the last thing I hear before everything turns black.
Waking to the sound of voices, I see a few people enter the room. "How are you feeling?"
One of the people ask. Sitting up on the bed, I answer, "I'm fine. Wha- What happened?" "We were able to re-take our area from Ail's minions. You arrived at the perfect time to provide a diversion for us to start our attack." "Great, but who are you?" "I'm Kyle, assistant to Simon the sage of Bandit's Bridge. May I ask who you are?" "Aeris." "Aeris, hmmmm, the same Aeris that has been able to free two of the sages?" I just shrug, not giving an answer. Placing one of his feet on a nearby stool, he leans closer and says, "I believe you are. Kirkis wouldn't deem it worth his time to interrogate just any prisoner. I have a request to ask of you. Would you help us free Simon? He's been imprisoned in Ail's dark crystal." "I - I'm sorry, Simon is dead, Kirkis said that he didn't survive the dark crystal process." "Damn! With Simon gone we won't be able to hold this area for long against Ail's forces." "I don't know very much about sages, but how are people chosen to be a sage?" "That itself is a mystery. I was once told that a sage is chosen by destiny. Simon said that when a sage dies, no one knows when destiny will show who the next sage is or when they will be revealed." "Kyle, I have a request of my own to make." "What is it Aeris?" "My friend, a dragon, is hurt and trapped on a ledge in the ravine, I would like help in getting him out of there." "My friends are already beginning the work. They saw a dragon fall into the ravine, but then you were captured and we had to work fast." "Thank you Kyle, I...ahhhh...." Suddenly it was like I couldn't breathe. Gasping for air was all I could do while it seemed as if my lungs were being twisted inside out. "Aeris! What's wrong?" "Wild - Wildfire is in trouble." I was able to gasp out. Just as suddenly it stopped. When I regained my breath, I stood up and raced out the door.

Reaching Wildfire, one of the nearby workers said, "He just stopped breathing!" "Wildfire!" I shout.
I kneel down near him and I place my hands on top of his head. Closing my eyes, I began to heal him. I could feel his pain as though it were my own, but I did not stop the healing. Soon I could feel Wildfire waking up, "Aeris!" "I'm fine Wildfire, just tired. I seem to be getting used to healing you." "That was amazing!" A voice said. Turning I see Kyle standing behind us. "Wildfire, this is Kyle, he's been in charge since Simon the sage of this area died while undergoing the dark crystal process." Wildfire nods his head and takes up into the air. "Wildfire! What are you doing?" I call out after him, stunned by his rudeness to Kyle. "Leave him be for now Aeris." Kyle says. "Kyle, I'm sorry for Wildfire's behavior, I don't know what is wrong with him. I've never seen him like this before." "Don't apologize for him, Aeris. I can understand why he took off. I don't think he'll go too far for long before he comes back." "I wish you would explain it to me. It seems as though I still have a lot to learn about dragons." Laughing, Kyle replies, "He was rude due to being jealous." "Huh?" A blank look crossed my face. "Aeris, Wildfire left because he felt jealous and he didn't want you to see him looking like a fool." Looking in the direction that Wildfire disappeared, I feel it then, the hurt and the anger. "He's angry with himself. Angry that he couldn't protect me from Kirkis' attack. Oh, Wildfire." Still staring after Wildfire, I didn't hear Kyle sigh or mutter, "Just my luck, a dragon for competition."
"Aeris, wake up Aeris." Opening my eyes, I see Kyle striding towards the tree I had fallen
asleep under. "Wildfire didn't come back last night, Kyle. I'm worried." "He can take care of himself Aeris." "I know that, but..." I couldn't even finish the sentence. "Aeris, Wildfire will be alright, but for now a stranger arrived and is asking to see you. He says his name is Andros." "Andros! Where is he?" "He's in the main square..." He trailed off as he watched Aeris take off towards the main square. "More competition? Jeez how many are there? My luck seems to have plunge downward."
"Andros!" "Slow down Aeris! I'm not going anywhere soon!" "I'm sorry, Andros. It's just that
Wildfire disappeared last night and he hasn't come back. I'm very worried about him." "Don't worry Aeris, Wildfire contacted us and asked if we could send someone to help you free the next sage." "Why? What's wrong with Wildfire? He's not hurt is he? I swear that dragon is so stubborn about telling me anything." "Aeris Wildfire is fine." "Why would he ask for someone to help to free the next sage?" "Monster City is a place of some of the strongest magic in the world. A spell has been placed over the city that prohibits dragons from entering the city. Plus it has been overrun with some of the more ghoulish monsters from Ail's minions. Wildfire won't be able to enter the city to help you so he asked for someone who could." "I - I, I'm so confused, I need to be alone for awhile." Andros and Kyle watch as I run into the forest. I run until I come to a waterfall. Walking to the edge of the Water, I sit and pull my knees close. I put my head on my knees while everything comes rushing in to crowd my thoughts all at once.

What's happening? When I was with Wildfire I would think about Andros and now that
Andros has shown up, all I think about is Wildfire. I feel so horrible, why is this happening? I don't want to hurt either one of them, my feelings are so mixed up! Since the beginning of my journey I've just followed the path that was in front of me. I've felt so lost since the start of this quest. Child of legend? Great destiny? My parents were killed because of me. Ail will go to any lengths to use my powers for his own purposes. I don't want anyone else hurt trying to protect me. I don't want anyone I - I care about used against me. What do I do? I've already learned I can't do this myself...
"Hallo." My head comes up and I am startled to see a small glow in front of me. "Who? - What?
I must be seeing things." The glow dimmed a little and what looked like a little fairy became visible. "Simon said you'd find this place." "Simon? The sage? But how? He's - he..." "I know, he died. Don't be sad though, a new sage will be revealed soon." "You seem to know a lot about Simon." "Simon came here plenty times. He ask to keep watch for you." "How did Simon know I'd come here?" "Simon have vision, knew you'd come here sad. Said for me to help, cheer you up!" A little smile escaped and the little fairy chirped, "See you feel better now!" "I wish everything else could be made better just like that." "What is everything else?" "My feelings. They're so mixed up. How can I care about them both like this? When I'm with either one of them I think of the other. I can't choose, not without hurting one of them, and I don't want to hurt either of them." "Ooo, that is horrible! I not know what to think either." "Who are you talking to?" Turning my head I see Andros come out of the trees. "I was talking to..." Turning my head back I realize the fairy has disappeared. "To?" "She's gone. Oh well, I was probably only seeing things anyway." "Feeling better?" "A little. I'm sorry for disappearing for this long." "Aeris, everyone needs time for themselves sometimes." An explosion nearby cut short the rest of our conversation. "The village!" We both shout. Racing back towards the village we see several huts on fire and a couple black dragons in the air. "No! I won't let this village be destroyed! Solar Shield!" A beam of light shot out and surrounded the village. The black dragon's fire was deflected back at them. "Aeris! What's wrong?" "I - I can't hold the shield!" At that moment the shield disappears and I drop to the ground. The dragons in the air roar and start to glide down to the village. Kyle runs out to distract the dragons while Andros takes Aeris out of the main line of their fire. "Aeris! Wake up Aeris!" "Deep sleep she in. Wake she not." "What!" Andros sees a little fairy nearby. "Sprite cause deep sleep. Sprite nasty and mean to humans. Sprite take advantage of doubt and confusion in heart of Aeris." "A sprite? I thought they were just a mythical add on to the stories the elders used to tell, but I guess not since you're a fairy." "Tee-hee, Navi is special fairy." "Special fairy?" "Navi belong with Aeris. Simon protect Navi for Aeris." "I don't understand." A noise nearby had Andros on alert but he relaxed when he saw it was only Kyle. "What's wrong with Aeris?" Andros replies, "A sprite has put Aeris in a deep sleep." "A sprite!? But - I'm not even going to ask. We have to wake Aeris up, those dragons haven't given up." "What about the villagers? Are they safe?" "They're all fine. They've taken to hiding in the caves in the canyon." "I'm going to suggest that we do the same. We're going to need some time to figure out how to help Aeris." Kyle nods and responds with, "Follow me, I know a shortcut to a cave from here."

"So just how do we wake Aeris up?" "Navi can help! Navi enter Aeris dream to help! Navi dislike
sprite, fairy and sprite enemy." "Thank you Navi, Aeris..." Andros trails off as he looks at Aeris. "Navi know Andros love Aeris." "Navi!" "Tee-hee! Navi also know Andros secret!" "NAVI!" "Navi no tell! Aeris only hear secret from Andros. Sprite take advantage of Aeris doubt and confusion to enter dream. Aeris care for both Andros and Wildfire. Aeris not hurt either one by making choice between you." "Navi...I..." "Navi will defeat sprite. Return soon!" With a little zip of light Navi disappeared. A short time later Kyle comes in saying, "The dragons are still over the village, I also made sure we left no trail for them to find and corner us in here." Andros nods his thanks and continues his watch over Aeris.
A dark shadow cutting off the light from the cave entrance had both Andros and Kyle backing
up against the cave walls. "Come out humans! Bring out the girl Aeris! No one will get hurt if you just hand over the girl!" "Not a chance!" Both of them yell back at the dragons. "Have it your way, fools." Soon the cave began to fill with smoke. "What do they think they're doing!? They'll also kill Aeris if the fire reaches back here!" Kyle says. "No! They haven't set a fire, they're trying to smoke us out of here! There's no heat to this so there isn't a fire, but we're not going to be able to breathe this smoke when it fills the cave. We'll have no choice but to leave the cave." "Damn, how did they find us?" A zip of light went by and Navi says, "Sprite tell dragons how to find you. Sprite now gone. Navi win!" "When will Aeris wake up?" "Only one way for Aeris to wake now. When doubt and confusion gone from Aeris heart will Aeris wake." Another zip of light and Navi was gone again. Both of them started to choke on the smoke filling the cave. We don't have a choice! We have to get Aeris out of here!" Andros picks up Aeris and starts to make his way out of the cave. If only there was something I can do! Kyle thinks. There's no way we can afford to hand over Aeris to those dragons. Damn! Simon what do I do? If only you were here to advise me! This isn't right! {Kyle...the time has come for you to realize who you are!} "Simon!?" {Kyle...don't let the dragons take Aeris to Ail! Protect her as you would this sacred area! Receive power and knowledge, as you become my successor! The sage of Bandit's Pass!}
Getting closer to the entrance of the cave, Andros stops when a light fills the cave from behind. Turning he sees Kyle engulfed
in the light run forward to stand between him and the dragons. "Kyle what are you doing!? What's this light?" Turning towards the entrance Kyle raises a hand and shouts, "Solar Flare!" A beam of light brighter than that surround Kyle shoots out and soon a dragon roaring in pain fills the cave. "You - you've become a sage!" "Let's get out of here. The one dragon is leaving, and the other isn't a threat anymore."

"Andros, only you can end the doubt and confusion in Aeris' heart. You have to tell her the
one thing she has the right to know. You know that to be true, so why do you hesitate?" "At first I thought she knew. It was only when Craig said something that I realized that she didn't know. By then it was over and I didn't know how to tell her." Walking into the next room, Andros sits next to Aeris. "Aeris, I'm so sorry. That sprite was able to do this to you because I couldn't come up with the words to tell you the truth." Taking a deep breath to relieve some of the pressure that was suddenly in his chest, he continues. "Aeris I was at your bonding ceremony, but I didn't go as I am now. I went as a dragon. I'm the only one of my people that has the ability to change to human form. This ability is how the leader of the dragons is chosen. Aeris, when I change to my dragon form, you know me as Wildfire. I couldn't tell you until after the ceremony that I am Wildfire; it's a law that no one is allowed to break." Pausing he takes her hand in his and goes on. "Aeris, I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to tell you. Please wakeup. I'll understand if you don't forgive me, only if you just wakeup." "Andros..." "Aeris! You're awake!" "Andros?" "Yes?" "Hold me. Just hold me."
[2 days later]

"You'll make a great sage Kyle. I know Simon is proud that you're his successor." "Thank
you Aeris. I only hope that I can do as good a job as Simon." "I'm sure that you'll be able to do as good a job that you can." Someone clearing their throat nearby had us both turning. Spotting Andros a little smile crossed my face. Sighing Kyle mentally kisses his chances with Aeris goodbye. He watches as they enter the woods and a few minutes later as Wildfire clears the trees and they disappear from sight.
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