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Title: World of Drogan - 4
Author: Nbsiren
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: none



"Mysta, thank you for letting us stay here. Wildfire and I appreciate it." "It was no problem
Aeris! You and Wildfire both helped in releasing Mystere Mountain from Lord Ail's hold, so I hope that anytime either of you need anything you'll come back." "I do have one question for you though." Wildfire says. "What is that Wildfire?" "Where do we begin to search for the other sages?" "That is a good question. Our powers are the most powerful on this world, but each sage's power is only at it's strongest when they're in their protected area. If the sage leaves the area that they are protecting their magic is still strong but to a lesser degree. If sages that are outside their areas meet up, they can combine their magic for some powerful magic if it's needed. You probably can't imagine the kind of magic if all 13 sages are united though. Even I have never heard of all 13 sages having to combine their powers together, though the legend says this will happen." Wildfire interrupts with another question. "The legend? I have not heard that part of the legend. Will you please tell us that part?" Mysta nods and answers, "At a time when the world is engulfed in darkness, the power of the 13 sages shall combine and be amplified and joined into one, and be released to shatter the darkness. The world shall be filled with peace once again." Mysta then goes on to say, "The sage that you should search for first is Rosa. She is somewhere in Vine Valley." "Vine Valley? I've never heard of it. Have you heard of it Wildfire?" "Yes. Occasionally we send out dragons and a few have reported seeing a valley filled with nothing but vines. It's but a few days flight from here." "Then I guess that's where we go next. Are you ready Wildfire?" "Yes." "Thank you again Mysta, for everything." "It's no problem Aeris. Say hello to Rosa for me!" She shouts as Wildfire lifts off. Laughing, Aeris shouts out to Wildfire, "Think you can go any faster?!" He replies, "Let's find out!" Head down Wildfire picks up more speed. Soon enough they were approaching Vine Valley. On the ground a shrouded figure watches as Wildfire and Aeris fly closer to Vine Valley.

Later, on the ground and looking up at the numerous large vines covering Vine Valley, they look
at each other and shake their heads. I say to Wildfire, "You're not going to be able to enter through this entrance, it's to small for you." "There are no other openings into Vine Valley, and I do not want you going in alone." "It doesn't look like we have a choice, Wildfire." "But, Aeris…" "I know, you're worried, we just don't have another choice right now. I'll be careful." Giving Wildfire a smile, I turn and enter Vine Valley. As soon as I walk through the entrance evil laughter fills the air and vines come from out of nowhere to cover and block the entrance. "Well, well, what do we have here? Are you lost little girl? I don't think you're lost. No one ever comes to this valley, at least no one that wants to stay alive. So you're not lost and you might have a death wish. What could possibly be here for you to be foolish enough to enter Vine Valley?" "I've come to free the sage that is imprisoned here." I reply back to the voice. "The sage? Oh, you mean that dimwitted twit imprisoned in black crystal? Well, she's not going anywhere! Nothing can break that black crystal. Lord Ail designed the black crystal from some very old evil magic. So since you can't free her, why don't you just give up?" With a little smile I say, "I won't give up. One sage has already been freed from her prison of black crystal, so I think this one can be freed too." "WHAT!?! Someone broke black crystal!?! IMPOSSIBLE!!" "It's true. Mysta is free and has regained control of Mystere Mountain." "WHO!?! Who freed the sage? Who was able to break the black crystal? Who has that kind of power!? TELL ME WHO!?!" "Well, when the next sage is free, I'm sure you'll find out." "Arrgg! Don't ignore me! I want to know something and you're going to answer me! Lightning Whip!" Suddenly I feel something around my neck that starts to choke me and is charged with electricity. It stops and a figure appears. "Have you had enough? Tell me who freed the sage!" Breathing heavily, I look at the figure and say, "Why do you want to know? It's not like you'll know the person when you see them." Cracking the whip back, I was able to dodge the next couple blows, but was not able to dodge it for long. This time the whip was around my arms and mid-section. After another bout of electricity, I was asked again, "Tell me who freed the sage!" "Aeris." "Aeris? The one Lord Ail is looking for?" "Yes." Focusing what strength I had left, I call out, "Water hear my call! Water…..Dragon!!" A dragon of water appeared and hit the enemy. "Oooo, you're going to pay for that! Lightning Bolt….Aaahhhh!!! Wha - What's happening!?!" "Well, you should know that playing with lightning while you're soaking wet will electrocute you." "Nooo!!" Vanishing with a flash of light, all that is left is dust which blows away in the wind. Grasping my arm, I fall to the ground with a moan. Looking at my arm, I notice a gash. "A little gash like this shouldn't cause this much pain." "So true, but then that's not an ordinary gash." Said a voice. Looking up I see a cloaked figure, "Wha - What did you do?" "The whip that was used had something added to it, to be used only on the one that would come to free the sage of this valley. Lord Ail made it especially for us to guard this area with. It's a special poison that has no antidote, not now anyway. The herbs needed for an antidote no longer grow here since the sage no longer has power here. The poison will take awhile to finally finish you off, but in the meantime, why don't you tell me about Aeris, the person that freed a sage? I am most curious about it, as no one has ever heard of that kind of power before." Suddenly a roar echoed from above. Looking up I could see a shadow pass over the vines. "Wildfire! No!" "Looks like the dragon wants to fight." Trying to get up I shout, "No! Leave Wildfire alone!" only to fall back down as the poison was still strong. "This should be fun! We'll have to finish talking later, if you're still alive. Right now a real challenge is waiting, a red dragon, they are purported to be the strongest fighters of all the dragons." Rising to the vines above, they part to allow him through and then close behind him.

Opening my eyes, I hear the sound of Wildfire in battle with who could only be that cloaked
man. Moaning, my eyes close until a wave of pain caused by the poison passed. I realized then that I couldn't move, much less stand up to help Wildfire. "I have to do something. I can't let Wildfire fight him alone. Though I won't be much help in this condition." Turning my head to scan the area was time consuming, taking my time so as not to pass out again. A dark glimmer catches my eye, and looking I notice a section of vines that were twisted in a strange pattern. Studying the pattern, a hope came that it was the imprisoned sage, Rosa. Gathering the strength I had left, I sent a ball of light over to the dark crystal. Passing out, I did not see the dark crystal disappear and a figure emerge.
"Aeris, wakeup Aeris." "Huh? Where am I?" My eyes opened slowly only to see four
figures surrounded in shadows. "Aeris, wakeup." Standing, I am amazed that I feel fine. "Aeris, we have anchored your spirit here, to this place, so that you can fulfill your destiny." One of the figures say, while another says: "This battle is part of Wildfire's destiny. Your destiny and Wildfire's are intertwined, but there will be times when he will be the one that must fight a battle alone and times when you will fight alone. Your emotions, the feelings in your heart will reveal powers no one has ever seen. The time is coming when you will know what we say is true." The figures start to fade, and I shout, "Wait! There's so much I want to know!" "You will learn more as your journey continues..."
"She will be alright soon, Wildfire. The antidote was made in time." Said the woman standing
next to Aeris, who was lying on a bed. "Aeris, come on, wakeup, wakeup Aeris." Wildfire pleads. "Wildfire...okay?" I ask. "I'm okay Aeris. Scorpius is gone, and the sage Rosa is free." "Good...tired." "Okay Aeris, rest then. Sleep until you're ready to wakeup."

[3 days later]
"Wildfire, are you ready to go?" Shaking his head he replies, "I can't believe you don't want
to take a couple more days to recover! You just about died from the poison!." "Wildfire..." Turning I look out over what was once Vine Valley, and I continue, "Wildfire...there are things you don't know about this journey and at the same time many things I don't know. There are many things, I know we haven't talked about and things we don't have to. Since I've woken up, I've felt...I don't know...an urgency that we have to get to the next sage. It's gotten worse these last two days. Vine Valley is becoming Blossom Valley once more since Rosa has been freed. Something is going to happen to the sage Simon. I don't know what, but...""Aeris...alright then, we'll go." Turning I say to Rosa, "Thank you Rosa, for making the antidote." "Aeris, there's no need to thank me. It was the least I could do since you set me free of the dark crystal. To reach the next sage, Simon, search for what has become Thieves Highway, located to the north of here. Another sage, Mia is also to the north in what is now called Monster City. Monster City is a city that floats in mid-air, so you can't miss it. That is all I know about where to look for the other sages." "It's alright Rosa, that helps getting us started in the right direction. Wildfire?" "I'm ready, Aeris." Lifting off, Rosa watches till they disappear into the distance.


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